Come in!

Hey now, from deep within comes a longing to become part of the beauty in the world and inspire others to join. Leave fear and hatred and sadness to slide into the abyss and rejoice in our ability to elevate to a higher nature and illuminate the dark spaces of our minds, throw an anchor, create life, live creative, commune with live music and its story.  It's a story of strife and struggle, passion and persistence, joy and pain, and most of all LOVE.  It is love that begets gratitude, kindness, compassion and connection - the elements that will let us become ancestors.  MUSIC LIVES CREATIVE WORKS.  K Now This! ...

Dannie's Interview with Voyage LA

Last Wednesday in January 

Wrapping up the first month of 2019 with an evening of all-original redShift back at the Blue Beet Cafe. New year - new tunes, time keeps giving - check your options.

Power in harmony - weakness in dissonance, Limits in structure - choice in chaos


The duty of privilege is absolute integrity.


Don’t fret about what you don’t want, 

for down you go in fear. 

Be thankful and rise up in hope, 

for all you want is here.

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